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Match Report - Baboons vs Sydenham

posted 1 Mar 2010, 01:03 by Richard Derham
We began by losing the toss for just the second time since Christmas (take note Eddie). However, unlike every other captain, Abe from Sydenham decided to send us in, having spotted a little bit of green in the track.

The top order couldn't deal with a bit of seam movement and we had soon collapsed. Unfortunately neither our middle order nor our tail could deal with the conditions and we were gone for a pitiful 45 in 24 overs. Rob Ede stood firm for a while, outlasting 4 different batting partners. And Haydon Wilson implemented his instructions to play a long innings by whacjking a 6 third ball, eventually becoming the only man to get to double figures.

Ben Pimm and Haydon Wilson opened the bowling, giving their all, and we did well to claim three top order wickets. However, when a team only needs 46 to win they are under no pressure at all and it was all to easy for the batsmen to chance their arm and have a whack. It was all over on the last ball of the 8th over, so poor Graeme didn't quite get to bowl (after he didn't quite get to bat last week).

Can anyone recall a lower score than 45 from the Baboons? I can't.