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Match Report 13/03/10

posted 14 Mar 2010, 20:27 by Richard Derham
After a plague of injuries and with Ben Pimm off visiting the Cooperites we were looking a bit thin on the ground. Luckily, we had Jonny Lapslie waiting in the wings for a chance to play and Frankie Mackay (LPW Women’s Premier skipper, Canterbury and NZA) was looking for a game to keep in form before her Nth vs. Sth game next week.

The pitch at Woolston One was pure bog and to just make things perfect some nice citizen had come down and pulled skids all over it the night before. It was fortuitous that presidents had a default and so we could swap to their pitch.

The skipper lost his third toss in a row but for the third time in a row the opposition chose to do what we would have made them do anyway. Burnside Sesame Streets skipper and Owen Wilson look-alike Nev decided his team would bat.

It was a much improved fielding effort with only the one dropped catch. (Eddie! oh dear) The bowling was good, without being brilliant, the best coming from the skipper, Eddie and Jonny's last 2 overs. A couple of good individual innings took BWUSS through to 168 off their 40.

So, a challenging chase, but perfectly do-able. Frankie Mackay got us off to a rollicking start, taking the opening bowlers for 28 off 20 balls, including hitting the first ball of the innings for 4. However, the middle order disappointed with three ducks between numbers 3 and 7. Some good hitting at the end from the likes of Eddie and Jonny saw us get through to 103 all out, but all in all it was a disappointing batting effort and yet another loss.

All that remains it to relate the tale of the grumpy hat. This week it went to Rob Ede for his puzzling response to his dismissal. It seemed a relatively uncontroversial decision. Ball dragged around off what looked like the back of the bat, through to the keeper for a clean catch. 24 out of 25 people at the ground were sure it was out. However, one was not. Frankie stood their at umpire giving rob the nod, as in "yes batsman, that's out - you can walk now". Finally after several seconds she gave up and had to put up her finger. Off trudged Rob, grumbling to anyone who would listen about how the ball bounced. Any attempt to clarify that it did not go within a metre of the ground was me with a snapped "you weren't out there! How could you tell from here?" And so rob Ede became a worthy recipient f the Mr. Grumpy award for 13/03/10.