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Match Report for 28-Jan-2012

posted 29 Jan 2012, 20:00 by Richard Derham


The track was very green and I decided to bowl if we win the toss. Unfortunately I loss the toss (first time this season) but the opposition decided to bat first. Madan and Andy opened the bowling. In the first over Madan was moving the ball by quite a lot but unlucky for him most of the bowled just missed the edge by a kittens whisker.  Any of the balls managed to find the edge it flew over point for 4. Andy put the batman in trouble with his sheer pace, bounce and body line bowling. Tim replaced Andy. He was classy with is bowling as usual and picked up well deserved 3 wickets. James took over the other end from Madan and kept it real tidy with his out swingers. He was bit expensive because, there was a tail ended batsman who had only one shot but managed to find a gap in the offside. Al wasn’t that threatening on his first spell but when we changed him to the other end he came back with his usual colours. The opposition had worked out a plan for Paulee this time so he wasn’t that effective as last time we played them. Jesse broke the trend of batsman getting bowled and got the only catch in the inning.


James and Jesse opened the batting for baboons and hand an opening partnership of 8 and Harshana replaced Jessie.  James was not that aggressive in his batting as he usually is and managed to get himself bowled on the shot delivery that didn’t come up for a pull. Harshana played to nice shots on the off. Then got out playing a huge shot into the wind and ended up giving a catch to deep extra cover. Taylor’s lack of footwork got him in trouble and got out for a duck. The match winning partnership was between Rob & Tim, They put out 60 odd run partnership. Few premeditated stroke making by Rob and Tim was classy all the way in this innings.  Rob got out for 26 and Tim got out for 48. Amal (ring-in) replaced Rob and shortly after Madan replaced Tim. Amal and Madan brought the team home with a not out stand.

Harshana Nanayakkara
Victorious Captain


OBC Conquest 135 All Out (Overs 37.5)
Bowler O M R W wd nb
Chandra, M 8 2 24 1 4 -
Johns, A 6 1 27 1 5 -
Corry, T 8 1 18 3 1 -
Spray, J 8 3 29 2 - -
Mackay, A 6.5 0 24 3 - -
Dunn, P 1 0 9 0 - -

McCartney, J 1 catch

LPW Baboons 137/6
Batsman Dismissal Runs 4s 6s
Spray, J bowled 6 0 0
McCartney, J+ bowled 2 0 0
Nanayakkara, H* caught 10 2 0
Corry, T caught 48 6 1
Phillpot, T bowled 0 0 0
Ede, R bowled 26 4 0
Amal not out 11 0 0
Chandra, M not out 16 1 1
Johns, A dnb -    
Mackay, A dnb -    
Dunn, P dnb -    
extras   18    
TOTAL 6 wickets for 137