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Rd 5 Match Report: LPW Baboons v OBC Conquest

posted 30 Oct 2011, 20:12 by Richard Derham
A nice, sunny cricket day was a good start and it got better when we won the toss. Taylor Philpot opened the batting with Anthony Morgan (making his Baboons debut). Unfortunately things went bad pretty quickly as both Taylor and  Ben McBride were out within the first couple of overs. Paul Archbold then came in and with Anthony steadied things down with a 30 run partnership. The slow outfield prevented the batsmen getting full value from good shots but some quick singles kept the scoreboard moving. Unfortunately it was an attempted quick single that saw the end of Anthony. Rob Ede and Paul then put on a further 28 runs and we were looking well set at 59/3 at drinks. Unfortunately Paul went soon after for 47 and the rest of the wickets soon followed with Jason Woodward being the only other batsman to reach double figures. In the end all out for 98 was a big disapointment.

With only 4 specialist bowlers, none of them possesing genuine pace, things looked a little dicey. Luckily the conditions suited the attack we had on the day. Andrew Johns began well and after beating the bat regularly he was rewarded with the first wicket. Allan Mackay hadn't started so well at the other end but after a few overs started bowling like the Slow Cobra we are used to seeing. A key moment came after 8 overs. Even though Andrew was bowling well he came off to preserve his remaining overs. Mystery spinner Paul Dunn came on at first change in a bit of a gamble and got hit for 11 runs off his first over. But crucially he also picked up a wicket. In the end Allan bowled his 8 straight through for 2-21 as did Paul, for the first time ever, taking 3-22. At this point the baboons were well on top as the OBC side had completely frozen at Paul's unorthodox action and had seemed to forget to try and score runs. The final hero of the day was Nick Holland, another one who had never before bowled more than 4 overs in an innings.
The batmen were not keen to try anything off Nick's accurate bowling and even thought hey were over halfway to their target we were also over halfway throught he wickets. After Paul was done, Andrew came back for an over but lacked control and was replaced by Paul Archbold, who bowled at a rapid clip and should get a bit more bowling to do during the season. In the end, Nick finished off procededings by talking the last 4 wickets as the Baboons bowled the opposition out for 83. In fact Nick's spell of 7.1 overs conceded just 12 runs, all of which came before he took his 4 wickets.

So, a famous win for the Baboons and one that came much earlier in the season than it did last season!

LPW Baboons 98 All Out (Overs 31.1)

Batsman How out Runs 4s 6s
Morgan, A run out 7 0 0
Phillpot, T caught 0 0 0
McBride, B bowled 0 0 0
Archibald, P caught 47 5 0
Ede, R caught 3 0 0
Woodward, J+ caught 14 1 0
Derham, R* caught 6 1 0
Johns, A bowled 0 0 0
Holland, N bowled 2 0 0
Mackay, A not out 1 0 0
Dunn, P caught 1 0 0
extras (b3 lb0 w11 nb1) 15    
penalty runs   2    
TOTAL 10 wickets for 98    
1-2(Phillpot, T) 2-2(McBride, B) 3-33(Morgan, A) 4-61(Archibald, P) 5-70(Ede, R)
6-84(Derham, R) 7-84(Johns, A) 8-96(Woodward, J) 9-96(Holland, N) 10-98(Dunn, P)

OBC Conquest 83 All Out (Overs 30.1)

Bowler O M R W wd nb
Mackay, A 8 3 21 1 - -
Johns, A 5 0 21 1 6 -
Dunn, P 8 0 22 3 3 -
Holland, N 7.1 3 12 4 - -
Archibald, P 2 0 6 0 4 1